June 22, 2008 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: June 22, 2008

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Whilst Spain were playing Italy this evening, an exciting thing happened to my Hit counter on ¡Vámonos! – it topped 6000!

As it reached 4000 in April – 26th April to be precise, that’s less than 2 months to amass another 2000 hits. I’m impressed!

In my 4000 hit post I said ‘Here’s to reaching 5000 by the end of the summer term’ – seems I need to aim higher!

Thank you so much to everyone for coming back – I’ll keep blogging as long as you keep reading :o)

I blogged about this great site a while back – but thought I’d mention it again, and post a picture of MY Wildself as I intend to mention it tomorrow when I speak about Using ICT in the Primary Language Classroom for Comenius West Midlands in Wolverhampton, and also as I mentioned it in my post about El Carnaval de los Animales.

So here’s Lisibo – the Rein-pol-conda-ger-guin-peacock (always said I was a bit mixed up )

As I mentioned in my post on Unit 11, my idea is to use the image above as the stimulus for descriptive writing. Pupils could describe

  • the physical attributes of their Wild self
  • the character traits that their Wild self displays
  • the environment in which it lives
  • the food it eats

So – my example would be:

Me llamo Lisibo. Tengo la cabeza de una niña. Tengo las orejas de un oso polar y las cuernas de un reno. Tengo la lengua larga de una anaconda. Tengo los brazos de un tigre y el cuerpo y piernas de un pinguino. Y tengo la cola muy bonita de un pavo real. Soy simpática y cariñosa pero a veces soy feroz. Me gusta el sol aunque tengo que sentarme en un palo de hielo porque mi trasero es de pinguino ;o) Como las hormigas y los gusanos con la lengua, y mi comida preferida es una hamburguesa.

There are probably other things you could add – feel free to add suggestions to the comments below. I like it when you talk back!

In advance of this evening’s main event (sorry boys, there’s something more important than the ETR flashmeeting this week!) I’d like you to watch the following videos, consider their message and then ….

¡Hazte de la peña de la Selección!

And in case you haven’t got the message yet as you can’t speak Spanish, here it is in English!

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