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Whilst searching for suitable clipart for the previous post, I came across some quirky flamenco / sevillanas related videos that I thought deserved a post of their own!

A woman dressed in sevillanas dress is a classic image that means Spain to so many – I’m sure there are at least 25 little girls at school who have a sevillanas outfit (they wore them on EDL day!!) As part of their Spanish lessons, I think it’s important that pupils learn more than the language. They are very curious about life in Spain and particularly fascinated by anything that is different to England. We’ve had a go at flamenco ‘palmadas‘ before – a challenge when the class find clapping a regular rhythm hard – and certain classes enjoy watching me demonstrate the first compás of sevillanas – probably as I end up dizzy!

There are many videos of ‘real’ flamenco but I can’t wait to get back to school to show these little videos as I know they will appeal to this curiosity as well as their sense of humour!

Firstly, a simple animation using the image of the sevillanas dress.

The second is a clay stop-motion animation – not sure I could do that, but could have a go!

And the final one, my favourite – a flamenco dancing frog! What could be better, eh?

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