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One of the disadvantages of a Blogger blog is that you can’t upload documents to it as you can in say Typepad blogs. I’ve managed to ‘get around’ the problem by using My Box of Goodies as a repository in my sidebar.

Having read a post by Adam Sutcliffe, I thought I’d give .DocStoc a try. As Adam explains,
‘ You can use Docstoc to embed any .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt into any website which will allow embed codes. You can also change the settings of the embed. It’s also free to sign up and all you really need is a username a password and and email address.’

So I uploaded a Powerpoint – my own take on Go away Big Green Monster! and had a go at embedding it below – let’s see!

Señor Cabeza Naranja – Get more documents

I know that I can do this with Slideshare for Powerpoints, so I’ll try a .doc as well!
Here’s the 1,2,3 Chocolate rhyme I love to use with KS1 and Foundation.

Bate bate, chocolate – Get more documents

I’m impressed – didn’t even need to log in (although I will now so my name goes on my resources :o) )

PS I did have to fiddle with the size of the embedded documents after I published as they covered the sidebar – but I managed to teak the embed code – I’m learning :o)

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