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La Vaca Lola

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I’ve had my boys with me all day – their school was shut due to industrial action but mine wasn’t so they spent the afternoon helping me teach Year 2 Spanish. Actually Isaac was so excited last night that he declared ‘I won’t be able to sleep cos I can be your TA!’ Jude just wanted to hand out books but Isaac was up for teaching – and he did, leading a rousing chorus of El granjero tiene una granja, complete with finger puppets of various farm animals.

As we have been looking at farm animals today, I was amused by this video I found on Youtube called La vaca Lola.
It’s really simple and very catchy! See what you think!

The words are –

La vaca Lola, la vaca Lola,
Tiene cabeza y tiene cola
Y hace ‘muuuuu’
(Lola the cow has a head and a tail and goes MOOO)

I can see Year 1 and 2 dancing and singing along quite happily with this. Then we could write new verses with different animals and names

eg El cerdo Pedro, el cerdo Pedro
Tiene cabeza y tiene cola
Y hace ‘oink’
(Peter the Pig has a head and a tail and goes OINK!)

If we’re feeling really adventurous, we could try to rewrite it with rhymes!

eg La oveja Mafalda, La oveja Mafalda,
tiene lana en la espalda
Y hace ‘beeee’
(Mafalda the sheep has wool on her back and goes BAAA!)

Any more suggestions??

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